About Pop & Perk

We are the only store to carry the full line of appx. 50 flavors of Emma’s gourmet popcorn. (The varieties change throughout the year, so sometimes there will be over 50 flavors, and sometimes under.)
Made in small batches by local Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Emma’s uses only non-GMO popcorn cooked in coconut oil, adding decadent coatings to create a sensory overload with each bite.
We at Pop are coffee snobs of the snobbiest caliber. It was most appropriate to therefore link up with a fellow coffee snob who happens to roast his own beans because he is so snobbish. Sourced from small, independent, fair trade coffee farms, our beans are locally roasted in Lancaster County and packaged under Lonely Monk Coffees by the Lonely Monk, himself, the aforementioned, coffee snob! Not only do we serve fabulous coffees, but we take great pride in all of our hand-crafted beverages.
And our hot chocolate is not to be trifled with! We melt chocolate pieces into our hot milk, add a couple of other secret ingredients, and then froth it all.
We also offer a full line of teas and specialty tea drinks such as London Fog.
In the autumn and throughout the winter and early Spring, we also offer hot, butterscotch apple cider and hot, spiced apple cider.